The “Petey” Experience

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Alana and PeteyAlana has had a very strong interest in animals for quite a number of years…probably beginning when she was a toddler!  Over the past couple of years, she's grown especially fond of birds and it amazes me how much she knows about them.

She found Phoenix Landing in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina several months ago through an online search and ever since has been asking, begging and pleading to foster a Green Cheek Conure.

We finally caved and had a home visit (they come to make sure you would be a good home for a bird!) in December.  They deemed us worthy of fostering and in February this little guy needed a home.

So Alana and I headed to Asheville a few weeks ago and picked him up.  Phoenix Landing is absolutely amazing.  I don't know how many birds they have there, but there is a house JUST for cockatoos!  They were beautiful!

If you are thinking about adopting a bird, please, please check out Phoenix Landing!  Birds of this nature live for a long, long time and often need a succession of owners, so rescuing one is an amazing way to go.

Alana and Petey snuggleOur sweet boy is Ali.  He's an 8 year old Green Cheek Conure (which is a type of parrot).  You may have met him on a few of my Facebook Live events.

His name is Ali, but we affectionately call him Petey or Peter.  Totally cracks me up when I hear Alana call him Peter!  A bird named Peter…that is so funny to me!

It's been a really great experience for our family having this little guy around and Alana has learned a ton.  She is completely in charge of caring for him and she is pretty on top of her game.

A couple weeks ago, we went away for the weekend to a dance conference and she left a very detailed 2 page list of instructions for her father on how to care for him.  This girl is SERIOUS about this bird!

PeteyDuring the day, since I work from home, I get to hang out with Petey!   He likes to “work” with me, have lunch with me and has even tried his hand at “stamping”!  haha!  (During a live video stream with StampNation, I was using Texture Luxe with stencils, and Petey walked right through my technique piece!!!  Now he has pearl shimmer on a few feathers, lol!)

There is one problem……

I've got my eye on Petey

It's Kenly.

This little dude has his EYE on Petey.

He whines and he cries at the stamp room door.  We love Kenly, but wow….it's really challenging and quite frankly, entirely annoying!

Ideally, we'd like to keep the bird in a main room of the house…birds really like to be part of the family!  We have to keep Petey in my stamp room or we have to figure out something else to do with the dog so we can let Petey out in the main part of the house..   He's not much of an outdoors-y type of dog, so he doesn't spend much time outside which makes it really tough!

Alana loves this bird, she's done great with him, but I'm sad to say  that she's made the decision not to keep him.  She's looked at the situation with a really mature outlook and just realizes it's not practical.  I'm really impressed with her outlook and at her age, I'm not sure I would have been able to make the same decsion!

She even mentioned that she'll head off to college in a few years and then what?  (Conures live 20 – 30 years!!!).  I guess I can't blame it ALL on Kenly!  😉

She's really changing and growing and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to learn more about Conures and have the experience of caring for one.  It's been a really great experience for our family.  And we are going to be really, REALLY sad when he leaves.  We'll enjoy him for now, though!

Speaking of growing and changing…something else in my world is growing and changing!  I'll hop on Facebook Live to tell you about it!

Thanks for visiting, have a GREAT day!

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