Organize your life while making it beautiful with the Canvo Collection by Catherine Pooler.

The Canvo is our spin on the bullet journal and is a place for your calendar, your to-do lists and your daily musings. On the pages of your Canvo journal, you’ll stay organized, track goals, and let your creative spirit free.

The wide pages of the Canvo are designed for creativity! The heavy weight paper works great with water-based markers and stamps right inside your journal.

Customize and decorate the pages of your Canvo with our special line of stamps and stencils using the vibrant colors of CPD ink and make your story come alive.


The Canvo bullet journal is for people who want to make the organizing of their life more beautiful. The pages can stand up to many artistic mediums, including the use of ink and stamps, with little to no ghosting through to the back side of the page.

How did a stamping company decide to make a better bullet journal? Play the accompanying video to hear the Canvo story.

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Why should I Canvo?

What if updating your daily planner could feel more like”me time” instead of a chore? The Canvo helps you combine the pleasure you get from crafting and cardmaking with a way to better organize your busy schedule.

We aren’t all born Picasso, but that shouldn’t stop us from having a beautiful, colorful journal. Canvoing gives you a way to explore this creative outlet by offering custom designed stamps, stencils and accessories. You don’t need to know how to draw to make your Canvo beautiful and artistic!

How is Canvo better?

The Canvo bullet journal has been designed to solve problems we faced as well as the problems we heard about from bullet journaling enthusiasts:

• Less Ghosting - our thick, smooth journal pages can handle more mediums without bleeding, and love our ink...stamp away! (*water-based ink and markers are best!)
• Spiral Binding means your Canvo lays flat and can be turned back for ease of creating and planning.
• Pre-numbered Pages makes indexing easy and helps you stay organized Wide pages give you more room to get creative with your spreads and add enough content for your busy schedule


Never used a bullet journal before? New to the craze? No problem! Check out these videos where Catherine will teach you all the basics on how to build spreads to get started. She’s packed in loads of tricks and techniques too, to help you Canvo like a pro!

Intro to Canvo & Bullet
Journal Flip Through

Canvo Bullet Journal:
Index and Future Log

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