Today was harder than I thought…

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first day of schoolBright and early this morning, the littlest Pooler children headed down the street to grab the big yellow bus.  It's their first day at a brand new middle school.

Many people have been asking me why we start school so early!  Well, here goes…

Our new school is a year round school with four tracks.   Each track goes to school for 9 weeks, then has 3 weeks off…all year long.  Since we started today, another track “tracked out” on Friday and started their 3 week break.  3 weeks from now, that track will come back to school and another track will “track out”.  At any given time, 1/4 of the school is on break.

This helps ease over crowding, which Wake County has a problem with.  We live in Raleigh, which continually makes the “Top 10 Best Places to Live” list.  Getting on that list brings lots of people to live in this great city!

Year round school is a great idea (we think!) and we've had kids on this schedule since Alana was in kindergarten (she's now in 8th)!  Our high school is on traditional schedule, so with the different schedules we have kids on break almost 5 months a year.

I'm blessed to have a job where I  have the flexibility of being at home when they are.  That's not ALWAYS a blessing, though, lol…sometimes it's hard to work when the kids are home!  But we make it work.

Alana actually went to a traditional calendar middle school for two years and will go to the new school for just one year before moving to the high school with the traditional calendar.  She was excited to go back to year round!  It's really nice to have a break every couple of months.

Anna EuropeThat wasn't the only excitement in the Pooler household today.

Two years ago we went to high school orientation with Anna and learned about a trip to Europe in 2016.  It seemed so far away then!  Anna was so excited (and excels in Spanish), so we decided to sign her up.

She left this afternoon for 10 days traveling to London, Paris and Madrid.

I thought I would be ok…but sending her off was a LOT harder than I thought it was going to be.  A LOT!  I shed a few more tears than I thought I would and now I'm just exhausted.  It's funny how an emotional day can just wipe you plum out!

embossing glitter and soaSo here's a peek at my video project for today.  Except I accidentally deleted the video.  And I have to re-edit it. OOPS!  So you are going to have to wait until tomorrow.  I'M SORRY!

We'll look at using the Stamp of Approval Lovely Notes Collection in a fun way as well as tone-on-tone and glitter embossing.

In the meantime, if you are looking for new videos, we've got a new one up on StampNation.

Layered Heat EmbossingMaureen Merritt posted our 12th tutorial in the Heat It Up Event and took a look at Layered Heat Embossing.  Click here to join us at SN if you haven't already!

I hope your day was awesome!  I will see you tomorrow!


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