Stamps of the future??

Catherine Projects

Excellent news!   Stampin' up just announced that all new stamp sets in the Fall-Winter 2008 Idea Book & Catalog (including new hostess sets) will be die cut for your convenience! (stamp sets that carry over into the new catalog from the current one are will remain not die-cut).  What fab news!  But now what will I do while watching The Bachelorette?  hehe!

Posting to the Gallery

Catherine Projects

Need help uploading to the gallery??

First thing is to go to the gallery and register, next login to the gallery.  Once you are logged in, you will see on the right hand side a bunch of options.  Choose Upload Photos.
There will be a drop down menu that starts with Member Galleries…if you pull that down you will then choose the stamp set for your project so your project gets put under the correct stamp set.
Then browse and choose the photo from your hard drive.
There is a text box and you can type in anything you want for the sample including colors used, embellishments and any techniques.

Happy posting!

New Website…New Blog….

Catherine Projects

Almost 2 years ago I began a blog.  Now I am embarking on a new journey with this amazing website!   I loved having my basic blog, but I was always bothered by the fact that once a card sample was “old”, it was pages back on my blog.

That is the main reason for switching to this sparkly, new beauty….I HAVE A GALLERY!!!!!!!!  Yes, I am shouting!  Yes I am excited!  Yes!!!  Yes!  Yes!

I will be working the next few weeks on filling it up, but I'm going to need help from you!  Please feel free to post your fabulous creations for us to share.

I hope you will use this site to inspire and BE inspired!

Just for fun, here is my first post on my blog from August of 2006:

I was just talking to one of my stampin' friends, Nerissa.  I told her I was creating a blog.  “What's a blog??” she asked.  Little did she know it was going to take me 15 minutes to answer her!  Nerissa- if you're reading this…now you know!

I was telling her the reasons I decided to create a blog… mostly is because I wanted to be able to share how stamping impacts my life. 

I began telling her a story that I will tell you soon about my oldest daughter. 

I went on to say that I used to think about stamping:

  • “Well, how often will I really use that stamp?” (negative)
  • what a time saver stamping can be…instead of making a special trip to the store, then taking 30 mins. to pick out just the right card!…(positive)
  • I can save money by making all our greeting cards and some gifts (another positive!)

Now stamping is more than that to me.  It is a way to express myself, be creative, immerse my children in creativity, bond with my friends and meet new ones…and then I told Nerissa…

Stampin' is good for your soul!

And that's what this is all about.

Stay Tuned

Catherine Projects

I am just beginning to work on something REALLY SUPER COOL this weekend!  It will be a few weeks and it will take a lot of help from a friend (really, though, she's doing most of the work!), but what I have in store for you will knock your socks off!  I hope you will stay tuned!!!

While I'm here, let me dig around and find something to share with you!


Wonderful Words and Time Well Spent stamp sets.


This fantastic, fabulous card was made by my buddy Amy Fitzgerald.  She won the WOW card at our swap on May 19th.  Loooooove it!



And here was the favorite Demonstratable card made by Marcia Gay, using Baroque Motifs, Lovely Letters and Fundamental Phrases.  Awesome!

Photos from our most recent Taste of Stampin' event.  This is a time for members of our group from Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, Clayton and Wake Forest (gosh, we're all over!!!) to get together to stamp, eat, and have fun!  E-mail me if you would like to join us for our next event to consider joining our team!




Our newest SUpreme Stamper, Baby Riley and proud mom, SUsan Boyette.