Introducing Two NEW Spa Ink Colors


We've got NEW Inks!

Introducing Goldenrod and Verbena- the two newest colors in our Spa Ink Family.

Goldenrod is joining our yellow Spa Inks with Whipped Honey and Shea Butter. This will be the darkest shade in the Spa yellow column of the CP Color Wheel. This golden, mustard yellow will be a great addition to your color collection.

Say hey to Verbena!! This Spa violet is an absolutely gorgeous mid-tone and falls between Lilac and Royal Treatment on the CP Color Wheel. Verbena is going to fill in that “missing space” when Lilac is lighter than you want and Royal Treatment is just too dark. It's the color you've been missing!

Speaking of the CP Color Wheel…it's been updated for the final time in 2024! Click here to download and print out your updated Spa Wheel, Ink Checklist and Swatch Chart.

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