How to Choose Coordinating Colors: Paper * Ink * Markers


Did you know we focus on a Color Made Easy System at CP Designs? Color can be complicated so we work hard to think about ways to provide you will tricks, tips and tools to equip you in tackling the color conundrum!

We make things easy by working hard to color-match our printed paper to our inks! We list the coordinating inks with each pack so when you sit down to create with any pack, like this pack of Santa Monica Pier Patterned Paper, you can easily grab a beautiful ink color combo and start creating!

When coloring with Copic Markers, there is a trick to helping you find colors that will coordinate with our inks! I have several educational videos on this topic that you can find on our Youtube Channel. To make it easy, it's important to know that the first number for a Copic Marker color represents its saturation. Markers with a 0, 1 or 2 is a highly saturated color and will look great with our Party Ink Colors. A 7, 8 or 9 is a color with low saturation, and will look great with our Spa Ink Colors.

By grabbing our Color Wheel, you can take your Party or Spa Color you are working with, determine what color family it falls in- like Red, Orange, or Yellow-Green. Then use the letter and number system on the Copic Marker to find your best match.

Watch my YouTube Video for more detailed info on this…

Once you have these tricks, tips and tools in your crafty arsenal, you will be choosing coordinating colors like a pro! You'll feel confident while you create and proud of your finished projects! Why not grab a pack of CP Patterned Paper and use it as your jump off point for your next set of cards. We can't wait to see what you make!

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