What is Boba?


Our newest collection, Bubbling Over, celebrates time with friends and family celebrating and enjoying life over a wonderful beverage. Maybe it's a bottle of bubbly, a coffee drink, a smoothie or a boba…you'll be able to create fun cards with this great theme.

You may be wondering what is Boba, anyway?

Boba was created in Taiwan and is made from tapioca starch and often times called Tapioca Pearls or bubbles. Over the past few decades, Boba shops have popped up all over the US and has become wildly popular! When you go into a Boba or Bubble Tea shop, you may be amazed and even overwhelmed by the options! You’ll find an incredible array of options in these fun shops; milk tea, fruit tea, smoothies, coffee, cheese foam tea, milk cap, matcha, yogurt…all with or without the boba! You can even have bits of fruit or poppin' jellies in your drink! (poppin' jellies are my personal fav!)

I was first introduced to boba by my daughters last year and at first I didn't really care for the sweet, chewy bubbles at the bottom of my drink! But on my second trip for boba, I found that I have a fondness for these specialty drinks. Going for boba has become a special treat and a great way to have special time with the girls. They always say if you want your kid to talk, take them for a drive…I just take them for boba!

My favorite is a frozen fruit drink with boba and poppin' jellies, Eva loves strawberry matcha, Anna is down for matcha and Alana goes for a brown sugar milk tea.

Even if you don't like those chewy, sweet tapioca pearls, there are so many options at these fun shops, you're bound to find something you like!

With our new Boba With My Best-Tea Stamp Set, you can personalize your hand made cards with the recipients favorite treats!

These fun products hit the shop on Wednesday, December 8. Stay tuned to the blog for all the reveals over the next few days.

If you want to learn more and see peeks of what's coming and hear more about the collection, view this Facebook Live Stream Replay!

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