Check Out These Mini Ink Pad Storage Ideas!


photo of mini ink pads

Since we introduced our Mini Ink Pads, we've seen many innovative ways to store or display the Minis in crafty spaces. We all have different preferences for organizing or displaying inks as well as different set ups in our craft corners, so here are a few ideas that may inspire you!

Try Playing with Your Current Ink Storage

The original boxes that our Mini Ink Pads came in still work for my organization, with a few changes. I reorganized my Minis in the boxes according to the Color Wheel. Reds are together, Greens, Yellows, etc. I store these boxes in plastic storage containers that fit on my Ikea Kallax Shelves. You can still purchase our storage boxes if you like this option and want to continue storing the minis in this way.

See the LIVE Facebook Replay where I share how to organize them this way here.

photo of mini ink pads

The Mini Ink Pads will also fit in the Organize More Ink Pad Organizers, two in each slot. You could try mixing them in between your full sized pads to keep the color families together or doing them side by side. You could also organize the full sized pads together and all the Mini Ink Pads together.

Our NEW Side Labels include multiple labels for each color giving you options for labelling the full sized, minis on one or both sides. Once you have a configuration you love, you may want to add a spacer behind the minis to make them easier to get them in and out.

Find Storage Bins to Fit Your Space

Our Mini Ink Pads are 1.5″ by 2.75″ and 3/4″ High. With this information on hand and a little math, you are ready to look at options for storing your minis in your space based on the drawers or shelves where you might like to keep them. The internet has a plethora of plastic and acrylic storage bin options that can work for your minis and many are very affordable. You can also find drawer dividers which can be use as designed or inside of storage bins to customize for size.

Our friend, Laura Evangeline, has a fantastic blog post sharing about her craft room organization. She has ideas using acrylic storage bins in her old set of Alex Drawers from Ikea and now in her new custom cabinet drawers. She sourced “eyeshadow storage” bins that work with her minis being stored on their ends which gets more in her drawer space.

Get Creative and Build Your Own!

We love this idea from Lisa Mendoza at Lisa Love Studio. She took a Totally Tiffany Organizer and turned it on its end. With some other custom tweaks, she created her own perfect Mini Organizer. You can see the how to in her video below.

Buy a Specialty Storage Product

Stamp and Storage has a product called the Ink Cube Caddy that you can buy in a CP Mini Sized Option. These are stackable and can also be stored in drawers.

Totally Tiffany makes an assortment of sizes of Buddy Bags and other craft storage brands have a wide assortment of storage and transportable products with different sized compartments. Some of those products may work just right for you and your minis! Just throw a couple in your bag and head out to your favorite local spot for organization and see what solutions you can find!

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