Moose Crossing! Creating with Patterned Paper


The Moose Crossing Patterned Paper celebrates the beauty and style of Canada with patterns including moose, mountains, inuksuks, bears, woodgrain and maple leaves.

With lumberjack vibes, this paper has plaid and other colorful patterns, giving your hand made cards a fun pop of color and interest.

Featuring the Ink color combo of Rockin' Red, Cranberry Fizz, Glitz, Grass Skirt, Deck the Halls, Something Borrowed, Dress Blues, Over Coffee and S'mores, it also coordinates perfectly with the Yukon Sequin Mix.

Ilina Crouse

Patterned paper can be the perfect quick and easy way to add an interesting background. Ilina used the plaid maple leaf sheet on this card. I love the beaver and coffee cup pairing…super cute!

Use a piece of patterned paper on your entire card front, or just use a strip as an accent. Patterned paper adds so much color to these cards that have a lot of more neutral elements.

Ilina Crouse

Since our paper is color coordinted to our inks, Ilina was able to easily grab her ink colors and stamp away. Her Grass Skirt and Deck the Halls trees look perfect with this striped sheet.

Ilina Crouse

Take a simple card to the next level with a layer of patterned paper. This plaid is so pretty and eye-catching. Patterned paper is an easy way to level up your cards!

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