Why You’re Gonna LOVE CP Inks… (or you already do!)


In 2016, when I first launched CP Inks with a firm foam pad, I had a list of boxes that I wanted to be able to check for crafters, like myself. I worked long and hard with our manufacturer to create a product I could get behind and be excited about.

I didn't know what would happen after launching those first 4 Foundations Colors! Now, I am so thrilled to see how many other crafters out there also love CP Inks and our collection has grown to include 82 colors with more coming next year! If you haven't heard, here is a little bit about our ink journey…

Party Colors vs. Spa Colors

The first thing I wanted to do was create a Color Made Easy System. We started with Party Collection colors which were curated to have high saturation levels- to be vibrant, bold and fun!

To help you coordinate your colors with ease, we also introduced the Spa Collection. Spa Inks are muted colors with grey undertones. They have a more subtile feel and give off a romantic, boho or vintage vibe. When choosing your color combos, you can easily find shades that will be pleasing to the eye by keeping with either Party or Spa shades on your card or paper crafting project.

Techniques & Features

It was so important to me that these dye inks would be able to be used in several different ways. First of all, I had struggled for years with being able to get clean, crisp images with stamping. I chose the firm foam because I felt I had more success when using firm foam. This gives us a very juicy pad which works well for direct-to-paper techniques. This makes custom cardstock easy peasy.

They also work well in conjunction with blender or aqua pens. Water reactivity was another feature I wanted for the inks. Flick or spray water on your piece and the color will bead up and lift to create texture. Or grab a brush and paint the inks (or refills) for beautiful water color effects.

Color Made Easy

Our Color Made Easy System is a big part of what we do with our Inks at the heart. Our Patterned Papers and Sequin Mixes are all curated to coordinate with our inks and give you ready-to-go color combos. We work very hard to tie everything together so when you sit down with your product, getting started is as easy as grabbing your inks, paper and GO!

For those of you who love and have supported us all along this journey, we send a HUGE Thank You!! We are continuing to evolve and attempting to refine what we do. We are so excited for the new developments and products we are able to bring you and cannot wait to see what the 6th year of CP Inks will hold!! Thanks for continuing to share your love and allow us to bring more color to your life!!!

and just for fun…here's a look back at some photos from of our first ink release!

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