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ink pads with side labels

If you missed the original excitement, at the beginning of this year we introduced our Party Collection Color Wheel. You'll see where each of our ink colors fall as well as suggestions on color combinations.

We created this helpful tool because so many of you ask things like- “which colors layer best for multi-step stamping?” or “what are tips for pulling together eye pleasing color combos?”. We LOVE playing with new color combos so we're here for it!

Our Color Wheel not only lists all of our ink colors, but the center shows complementary, analogous, triad and tetrad color combinations. You'll never lack for color inspiration!

print out of color wheel

With the addition of the Beach Retreat Colors to our Spa Collection, we also introduced a Spa Color wheel…and now that we have finished bringing you the Luxe Ink Colors, we have an updated Party Color Wheel!

Next year we have more colors planned and with each release, we'll update this amazing tool! Can you guess some of the colors we may come out with in 2022?

Color combo with green and yellow ink pads

How to use the Color Wheel

To learn more about how to apply this to your card making, check out this post and the Color 101 Series here in the blog.

You can also see video tutorials on How to use the Color Wheel with my Color 101 Video Playlist.

Using this fabulous tool will allow you to quickly chose great pairings and combos! Remember, this is just a handy tool but we encourage you to try different things and always go with what you love! We always suggest using this as a guide, but in the end, choose color combinations for your card making that are eye pleasing to you. If it makes you smile and feel good, that's what's important!

Color Wheel download

Download the updated Color Wheels today and dive into creating your new favorite color combos!!

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