Using Your CP Ink Swatch Chart

Catherine General

Have you downloaded your CP Ink Swatch Chart? This handy chart was lovingly put together for you as a free resource to help you stay organized in your crafty space! Lots of folks use this chart in different ways…here are a few!

Go traditional! Print out your Ink Swatch Chart on a good quality card stock. We recommend CP Premium Cardstock since we know it is perfection with our inks! Take a favorite solid shape stamp and stamp in the squares all the colors you have in your collection.

Now you can store these in sheet protectors in a notebook and see what each color looks like dry and true. You can also see any colors you might be missing from your collection.

Build your own mini book! Create this handy guy in the same way as above but you can cut each sheet in half to organize them in their groups of 8 and use a paper fastener to create a easy-to-store mini book. This is a handy way to reference your colors.

Go even smaller…You can create little swatch cards by cutting the chart into each square of color. These can be tied together, stored in plastic coin pages or even mounted on magnets. Use your little swatch squares freely to try different color combos or compare certain colors in the Collections.

Need an Ink Swatch Chart? Our most updated with our new to 2021 inks can be found here!! Dowload, stamp and see what colors you're missing.

Head over to the shop and peruse our selection of 82 colors and complete your collection today!

Sale starts November 1 and includes full sized Ink Pads and Refills.

*excludes Minis, bundles and our new Luxe Ink colors.

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