Introducing New Spa Ink Colors…Beach Retreat!


Escape to the shore with our Beach Retreat Spa Ink Colors.  These relaxing, muted shades will take you away to a seaside haven.  The first four colors, Sea Glass, Bay Breeze, Tranquil, and Cove Blue are shades of greens and blues that compliment the current green and blue colors in our Spa Collection. 

This bundle of 4 will give you cool ocean vibe hues with our trusty CP ink properties like smooth ink blending, clean and crisp stamped images and water reactive techniques.  

Like a beautiful, eye-catch piece of turned glass, Sea Glass Ink is a gorgeous, medium-tone shade of green-blue.  This muted Spa tone joins the green-blue family with Seafoam and Bay Breeze and will fall between them perfectly for multi-step stamping and ombre ink blending.

A dark and serene green-blue, Bay Breeze Ink will transport you to a tropical paradise.  This muted Spa Ink is darker than its color-family mate Sea Glass and will be a perfect choice when stamping natural elements like leaves and plants.  Pair it with Sea Glass and Seafoam for perfect Color Made Easy blends!

When looking for that just-right shade of pale blue, Tranquil Ink will be your go to choice!  Tranquil is a soft, muted Spa color that is lighter than Stone Blue.  This shade is ideal for sky and water elements and will be a gorgeous accent color to Orange Peel.  This ink color is a beautiful and relaxing tone.

Cove Blue Ink is deep, vintage blue.  This muted color is a part of the blue family with its lighter friends Stone Blue and Tranquil.  Blend these three together for gorgeous ombre backgrounds.  Try pairing it with a complementary shade, like Mandarin Spice.

These gorgeous new inks are in the shop now!

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