Party Color Wheel 101: Analogous and Monochromatic Color Combinations

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We kicked-off our Color Wheel 101 fun with the basics- Monochromatic and Analogous Color Combos. These are the easiest and are always a visual hit!

This card features an Analogous Color Scheme- colors that fall next to each other on the color wheel. We stated with Red-Orange, Samba, and went around to some Yellow-Greens ending in Grass Skirt. These colors are bright and cheery and a slam dunk for a floral card. How about that Samba bird?

For more details on this, you can check out the card making action in the video tutorial above, or head over to YouTube for the Color Wheel Playlist.

Then we played with some Monochrome choices. These colors are all in the same color family on the color wheel. This card features our Blue-Green ink options. We love us some Blue-Greens!

Here is another Analogous card using blues and violet shades. This is a fool proof option for gorgeous ombre effects. By using the pop of Drive-In on the background and the flower pop, it really creates a color focal point.

Here is Part Two of the video tutorial with all the step-by-step process. I love the ease of working with Monochromatic or Analogous Colors. What awesome results! Which option will you try first?

To find all the posts in the Color Wheel Series, check out the sidebar in the blog under “Choose a Topic”. Click for the drop down, find “Color Wheel” and click on that to find all the posts in this series!

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  1. The videos don’t show up on this page for me. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to go somewhere else to look for them? Also in a YouTube I think I heard you talk about Erica doing a fabulous explanation of the color wheel and I have looked for that also in a stamp nation and on the blog and I haven’t been able to find that either can you help me with that?

    So glad Catherine and Erica that you are both feeling better. This is a crazy time in all of our lives. Both of my daughters and families have tested positive and had to quarantine because of Covid. Thank goodness they recovered also. My prayers are with both of you and your families that your continued health will improve and that your work family will also stay well. God bless you all.

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