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With the addition of our Date Night Collection of Inks to the Party Collection, we released a Color Wheel to help you put colors together, to see where our colors are on the spectrum and to show the range of colors. This post will give you a run down of the Color Wheel Theory and how to use it on your card making projects.

Download the Color Wheel here!

The Catherine Pooler Ink Collection has been created with our Color Made Easy System and divided into two main collections of color.

The Party Collection includes all fully saturated colors. They are bright and vibrant (think colors like lime green) and run the spectrum from light to dark.

Spa Collection Inks all have a muted undertone. Think greyed down colors like olive and rose. These colors run from light to dark and were created to go together since they are all on a similar saturation level.

Spring Fling Collection from our Party Line

The Color Wheel as a concept, is a tool that was inspired by Sir Issac Newton's color disc which showed the natural color spectrum.

Our version is not so technical but shows where each CP ink best fits in the classic spectrum and is a useful tool for creating easy color combos. Let's look at the basics!

Check out this FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM to see how to use the Color Wheel!

Color 101- in a nutshell

The basics of color theory start with primary colors- Red, Yellow, and Blue. By mixing and matching these three colors, you can create an endless number of colors! Adding hints of white and black adjust the shade level making colors lighter and darker- it's like adding or taking away light.

There is much to explore with color when it comes to paints and other mediums, but when we are talking about stamping with ink, our goal is to pick colors and tones that work well together and are pleasing to the eye.

Everyone likes different things, so don't worry too much about rules when experimenting with your inks. If you would like a bit of help learning the ropes in pairings, tools like this Color Wheel will help!

Monochromatic Colors

Various shades and tones of colors that fall in the same color family are perfect for layering and two-step stamps. These ink colors will always pair nicely and are an easy place to start for a clean and simple card color palette.

Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors fall directly across from each other on the color wheel. Pairing them creates beautiful contrast. If you started with two choices from monochromatic colors and then add one complimentary, it will create a glorious pop!

For instance, if you are using Serenade and Drive-In, any of the colors in our Orange Yellow family will be a smashing choice! Go lighter with Tiara for a subtile pop or darker in shade with Tiki Torch for a more dramatic impact.

Analogous Colors

Analogous Colors are side by side on the color wheel. Wherever you start with your main color, you can choose accent colors in one direction or from either side to enhance your color combo.

Let's start with Aquatini- adding In the Park and Melon Ice will be gorgeous or try In the Park and Suede Shoes for another fun combo. Either way, try picking your accent colors in shade slightly lighter and darker to help bring balance.

…and a bit more advanced

Triad denotes three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel. If you mentally rotate this triangle, you will find other Triadic combinations like RO, YG and BV. These trios can create an even bolder look with high contrast.

Tetrad are four colors evenly spaced on the color wheel. This works the same way but adds another color to the mix. It's always good to choose one color as your main star and use the others as accents. This gives great visual balance.

Experimenting with color is the best way to learn what you like. Why not try swatching out combos you have tried and love on a die cut tag? Label them for future reference.

No matter what, the most important “rule” is to have fun getting inky! For great color combo ideas, keep your eye on my posts on Instagram and in Pinterest. Save your favorites and reference them for your next card making project.


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