New Inks – Q&A

CatherineCPD Ink, General

January 13 can not get here quick enough! That's the day our new inks go on sale and we'll be shipping them out to you! (unless you're a StampNation Member, then you get to shop on January 12 and your order will be shipped first!)

We have had a lot of questions and many people are asking the same few questions, so I thought I'd post an update here.

Q: How is a foam pad different than other types of pads?

A: Foam pads release ink very easily (to any surface, thus Inky Fingers!!), so when you lightly tap your stamp onto your ink pad a couple times, you'll get gorgeous coverage resulting in a solid stamped image. It's easy to ink and easy to stamp.

Since the foam is squishy, a light touch is all you need. If you press down too hard, your stamp will sink into the pad and you'll get ink in places you don't want.

Q: Sometimes when I stamp a brand new stamp, I get bubbling with my ink on the stamp and it doesn't stamp solidly.

A: That's an easy fix! Ink your stamp, then stamp on scratch paper a few times. Rub your stamp on the scratch paper, then ink and stamp again. A few rounds of this and your stamp will be ready to go!

Q: Will you be releasing Date Night Minis?

A: We will! We have some Spa Ink Collection Minis to release first, so be on the look out for those!

Q: What’s the difference between Party and Spa?

A: Our Party Ink Collection colors are highly saturated colors. Think lime and hot pink! Our Spa Collection colors are sophisticated and muted colors. Think rose and olive.

Choose your collection and choose your colors and know they are going to work beautifully together because they are created with the same saturation level. It's Color Made Easy!

Our two collections of inks have shades from light to dark and run the rainbow of colors!

Q: Will you have stickers for the Mini Ink Pads?

A: You can learn more about how and why we are releasing new sticker labels for our ink pads HERE. We do not have the same challenges with the Mini Ink Pads and due to their small size, they will continue to be pad printed.

Q: Can I use Catherine Pooler Inks for watercoloring?

A: Absolutely! Our inks are water based dye inks that work beautifully with water. Smoosh your pad on a watercolor palette or a slick surface, add some water and color away! Get a more intense color when you use our ink refills for watercoloring!

Q: Are you going to offer side labels for the ink pads.

A: Believe me when I say we would love to offer this! Unfortunately, it pains me to say, we are unable to offer that at this time. We haven't given up yet, though!

I hope this Q&A helps and you are as excited as we are for these gorgeous new ink pads to hit the shop on January 13!

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