New CP Ink Blending Brushes

Catherine General

I love using my ink blending brushes so much! They work great to blend our gorgeous CP inks to make fab backgrounds and with stencils. I was finding that I was often unsure what color family I used with which brush and decided I would prefer a white bristled brush.

So ta-da! Introducing the brand new CP Blending Brushes!

The CP Blending Brushes come with lovely teal handles and soft, white bristles for smooth ink blending and easy soap and water cleaning. 

The CP Blending Brushes will be sold in packs of 4 and have approximately 1.25″ heads which we found works great for most ink blending projects.

These new cuties will be hitting the shop with our new Date Night Inks on January 13th! Grab a set or two to go with your gorgeous new hues!

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