Date Night Inks are All Dressed Up and Ready to GO!

Catherine General

Here they are, friends…in all their inky glory! The brand new Date Night Collection of eight gorgeous ink colors. This rainbow of brights is going to make your heart sing and fit in with your Party Collection colors like a dream.

With these fresh inks, we have some fresh new packaging too! The Date Night Collection has new sticker labeled lids with an updated look! An exact match between a printed lid and a stamped image is nearly impossible, but our new stickers are a better representation of the ink color. You'll also find the stickers have a nice crisp image and will give your ink pads a fresh look!

We didn't want our other 60 colors to feel left out so we have new label lids on all our colors now!

As our stock of each color sells out, we will be restocking with the new lids, but never fear…if you think your current inks need sprucing up, we've got you covered too.

Also available in the shop will be the full Party and Spa Collections of sticker labels! You can buy a set and dress up your current pads. The new sticker labels will be available on January 13th.

Click here for the YouTube video where I share each color and how they work with the other colors already in our line up!

Fresh new inks and fresh new labels. 2021 is looking better already!

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