Ink Blending and Water Techniques with CP Ink

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There are so many things we love about our inks! These juicy smooth and rich ink colors are so easy to blend on your cardstock and the translucent colors allow you to build from light to dark.

Spritz lightly with water and the ink will lift leaving a cool water spot effect

If you want to really have some fun with water, grab your favorite water color paper first. Blend or even paint your colors onto your paper for the desired effect. With a lightly damp brush you will get truer darker pigmentation and with more water a more of a color wash.

Use your favorite word or shape die to cut out an image from your masterpiece! This one looks like tie die. I just love how bright and saturated our Party Colors are!

I could sit all day making various water technique pieces. When blending analogous colors, you can create new colors where they bleed into one another. Start with a little water and add more until you get the desired effect!

All of our inks can be found in the shop, many are linked below! and guess WHAT!? We have new colors coming on January 13. We are very excited!!!

Join us on Facebook and Instagram for some great guessing games for our new colors and their names! Can't WAIT!!!

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