Paradise Found Mini Color Vacation…Peppermint Scrub

Erika General

Who could use a vacation to Paradise right about now? I know I could! Half way through 2020 and a lot of us would really like our money back, but we are keeping our heads up and dreaming of better days.

I can't think of a better way to whisk my mind away to a state of chill than to break out Spa Ink Colors and blend, stamp and smoosh! Now in CP Mini form, we thought we'd take some time to bask in the beauty of the Paradise Found Colors.

Let's kick things off with Peppermint Scrub. Peppermint Scrub is a deep, muted red that looks amazing on floral stamps and for turning fall leaves.

This little focal point piece features the A-maze-ing Mini Cover Plate and Bushels of Love Stamp Set from our latest Fall Pick-n-Mix Collection. Peppermint Scrub was applied direct to paper on the background and worked perfectly for the apples in the baskets- a must have Fall favorite.

This gorgeous color is available as a full sized Ink Pad as well as a Mini Ink Pad in our new Paradise Found Minis!

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