Don’t Miss These Little Stamps

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You may not know this about me…I really get a twitch when there is open/empty space in a stamp set! As a long-time stamper, I love getting the most bang for my buck and enjoy using little image and element stamps. So I am always encouraging our illustrating team to fill in those sets for your guys!

This card is a great “for instance” of how those little element stamps can go a long way! The Oh Snap Stamp Set has a stamp that is a little border of hearts. I love how Ilina took full advantage of that stamp in her set to make these cards!

By stamping it multiple times and in multiple colors, she made the oh-so-cute border on the first card and this block focal point for her sentiment on the card above. Clean and simple but such an adorable idea.

When you get your next stamp set, take a close look at the little “extras” and think about how you could use them to make a really creative card!

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