Crackle Mousse and How to Use It!

Catherine General

Can I be honest here? I played with crackle mediums more than a decade ago and wasn't overjoyed with them. So I was a bit hesitant to try Nuvo Crackle Mousse, even though I love trying new products, techniques and stamping products! It keeps this hobby fun and exciting!

I was pleasantly surprised, cause y'all! Tonic hit this out of the park! Nuvo Crackle Mousse is amaziing! It crackles and has this gorgeous, pearlescent shimmer.

So what do you think? Give Crackle Mousse a try and have fun with this card making hobby!

Did you have a favorite way to use Crackle Mousse? Leave a comment and let me know!

Try one color with a stencil. This one is the Marching Leaves Stencil.

Try two or three colors of Crackle Mousse. This one used the Square Dance Stencil.

Create a vibrant ink blended background and stencil Russian White Crackle Mousse over it.

Create a soft ink blended background and add gorgeous texture with the Wonky Triangle Stencil and Russian White and Celestial Blue Crackle Mousse.

Color your Russian White Crackle Mousse with ink! Think of all the colors and shades you can achieve! The Rose Stencil and Love You die were used on this card.

Apply Crackle Mousse to cardstock with a palette knife or a paint brush to achieve a thin layer and small cracks. The background makes a great backdrop for these shutters and window boxes! Thanks, Sarah Greber for the idea!

Thnk you for tuning in, my friends!

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