WOW! Embossing Powder and CPD Collab Blog Hop

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Who is up for another fantastic collab blog hop with our favorite Embossing Powder friends at WOW!?!?

During our Forever 13 Collection release, we were excited to add the Forever 13 Embossing Trio featuring the All that Jazz, Be Mine, and Grape Crush Embossing Glitters! A few of our Brand Ambassadors and WOW's Creative Team members decided to team up and create with CP stamps, ink and their favorite WOW EPs!

Here are a few of my favorite projects using WOW Embossing Powders and products from the Forever 13 Collection!

White or Clear Embossing with Ink Blending over the top is a long time favorite technique of mine…it's called Emboss Resist and gives a fabulous result every time.

Stamp your image in Embossing Ink, pour White or Clear Embossing Powder over it and heat. Then ink blend over the top. The embossed image will resist the ink and stay white. This technique is always a winner!

Black embossing on black cardstock is another stunner. Stamp your image in WOW Embossing Ink and pour Black or Clear Embossing Ink over the image and heat. The result is really sophisticated and I love the look!

You can never ever go wrong with Embossed Word Dies! Erika created this card and the “Friend” die embossed with Rose Gold Embossing Powder looks fabulous here!

Come Hop along with us and comment at each stop for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card from WOW! or a $25 Gift Card from CPD! Let each of the bloggers know your favorite things about each of their cards.

Thank you for joining the hop, I hope it brings you a smile!

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    Fabulous! I like the emboss resist, those colors ❤️. But that black-on-black ~ STUNNING! Thank you.

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    New to Catherine Pooler and learning a lot and going broke fast 😜. Beautiful works and thanks for teaching new techniques/ideas.

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    Emboss resist is one of my favorite techniques and I always love to see cards using it. More ideas for creating more cards…Thanks for these beautiful ideas.

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    Your creations are beautiful! Thank you for the tips. Can’t wait to try both techniques.

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    Your cards are amazing! I really need to try the white embossing and then ink I have always been scared to try.

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    Love the look of the white and clear embossing powders! The metal on words is a challenge for me to get it totally covered!

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    Really enjoyed the blog hop. Such talented ambassadors and some really beautiful cards.

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    The You’re the zest card background is gorgeous. What a great idea to create an elegant subtle background.

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    I love WOW embossing powders and glitter. My favorite technique is emboss resist. It’s always a surprise at how cool it looks! Love all the cards you showed. Thanks for sharing!

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    WOW has great embossing products! All these cards are made better with embossing powder.

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    WOW! I love this collaboration! The emboss resist is sooo cool! Great cards and designs!

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    OOOOOOOOO! I love that clear embossing on the black background with the you’re the zest! So cute and so bold! Love that effect! I have never seen that before and I am so glad I have. WOW! Nifty to say the least. I think that groovy roller skate stamp is fab! Reminds me of all the stories my husband has told me about his time at the roller rink! This stamp is way better! What a fun hop! CHeers!!!!

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    Love the reverse look with the white embossing powder and the clear on the black too!! They are all so lovely!

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    What a fun hop! I LOVE SPARKLES, GLITTER, AND SHINE and love WOW embossing powders so much. The inspirations showcased the product so well, but in person the bling is always a show stopper. Cant make a card without it! Thanks for the inspiration and fun Hop! ! My favorite is the holographic hands down ! Great Fun..please stay healthy and safe!

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    Great cards! The embossing powders always add such a great tough, whether, it’s shimmer shine or super sparkle. And the CP inks work so well in showcasing them. Thank you for sponsoring this blog hop.

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    What a great idea of this fabulous match up of 2 superior companies! Gorgeous Forever 13 colors especially! LOVE your cards and have WOW clear and white ep myself so this is awesome to see these demo’d!!

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    Pretty embossing powders and designs! Awesome collaboration hop! Enjoying all the projects!

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    Great chance to have another look at embossing powders. I like the look of it on the black cardstock.

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