Donuts? Yes, please!

CatherineCPD Ink, Videos

Have you ever looked at the images on a stamp set and thought, “hmmm….I know what these images are, but I see {insert great idea here}”?

Well, our resident crafty creanius, Lisa Harrolle, does that a lot! When she got the Sweet Life Stamp Set, she didn't just see kiwi on the Sweet Life Stamp Set, she saw donuts!!

…and why not!?!? Using a iced color scheme and by omitting a layer of the stamp, she created this donut background. (Anybody else see some bagels too?). We just adored this innovative, thinking-out-of-the-fruity-box card. The “live the sweet life” sentiment fit perfectly!

Lisa's creation inspired Erika to play with the kiwi and a different funky color scheme to create a fun patterned background piece. She popped on a sentiment and used a lot black contrast on this bright card.

Just because a stamp was designed to be a fruit doesn't mean it is limited to that use! Use your crafty imagination and make the cards that make you happy! Is it a pear or a papaya? The choice is yours!

If you missed this video, check it out for more inspiration on stamping the fruits from the Sweet Life Stamp Set, enjoy!

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