Kitchen Sink Sequins

CatherineStampNation Highlights

Each of our sequin mixes are created to go with our product collections. We carefully pick colors and sheens with the right feel to connect with the collection theme and patterned paper with which they coordinate. We take this process pretty seriously and can be very picky about getting just the right balance in each mix before we give it the seal of approval…

…that is, except for our Kitchen Sink Sequins!

This mix came about slightly by accident! When Erika creates a new sequin mix, we generally go through several variations before we hit just the winner.

When a mix is off, she dumps it in a large container and over time, this container became full! We would walk by it and shake it and gaze at its colorful and sparkling beauty. It's kinda satisfying, to be honest!

The sequins in this jar were parts of mixes that didn't make the cut, but it evolved into something GORGEOUS!!

We thought it would be fun to package them up in little baggies and include them as part of our In the Kitchen Release. So we christened them “Kitchen Sink”, 'cause, well…they include everything but the kitchen sink! The Kitchen Sink mix was a very limited batch so we gave it as a little freebie to StampNation members during the early shopping period for our In the Kitchen Release.

This little bag of sequin goodness was such a hit, we decided to pack up the rest of them and pop them in the StampNation Members area of our shop. Did you know there were exclusive items in the shop as part of our SN Perks?

StampNation Members, log into the shop and are able to view the exclusive section of the shop just for them.

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