5 Ways to Use Cover Plates

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Have you fallen in love with the versatile cover plate yet? I am pretty smitten with these background making bad boys and thought it would be fun to look at all of the things you can do with them! So here are 7 Ways to Use Cover Plates. Ready? GO!

1. The first and most basic way to use a Cover Plate is to just cut it out from white cardstock and layer it- white on white, to your card base. On this one, Daniel used the Wall Flower Cover Plate on the bottom half of his card to add interest without being too busy.

This card uses the Retro Star Coverplate and creates such great texture. A simple swag of flowers (image from the February Club Sursee subscription – ships out after the 15th!) and a sentiment is all you need for a gorgeous card.

This simple method is always a winner and brings another layer of texture to your card. It can stand alone or just become a patterned background layer to showcase a focal point on your card.

2. The next idea is layering more than one cover plate off-set from one another. With this technique, you can use more than one color to create more interest or just layer a grey or black behind your top layer, to give the feel of a shadow. This makes your layers pop and creates more dimension to your card.

3. How about using your cover plate as a stencil? By cutting out the Cover Plate and laying it over your card base or layer, you can blend color over the image and create a cool pattern on your card. You can do a part of the card like this one shown above (get clean edges by masking) or do the whole card base.

4. This technique can be a real show stopper! Try inlaid die cutting with your cover plate! There is so much possibility with an inlay technique. You can do the whole image or just pop in certain pieces. You can cut it out twice in different colored stock like this black and white card, or using direct to paper on each individual piece as you lay them back in.

Depending on the complexity, this technique can be all you want- just add your sentiment and you are done!

5. Have you ever just colored your cover plate? Using ink blending tools or watercolor, you can add color to the cover plate design in an abstract or intentional way. Lisa created a climbing wall flower by blending color directly to the Wall Flower Cover Plate's blooms and leaves.

I hope you are inspired to try something new with these 5 Ways to Use Cover Plates. What other ways do you know to use them? I have more ideas to share, so we'll get on live later in the month with more ideas. Thanks for visiting!

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