Habit Tracker for Bullet Journaling

Catherine Canvo Bullet Journaling

Our Club Canvo subscribers received the bonus Habit Tracker Stamp Set in their shipment in December and that stamp set, which is a must-have for bullet journals, is now in our shop! Here's a look at how you could utilize the stamp set to keep track of all of your daily and weekly habits.

This spread was created using the Habit Tracker Stamp Set and the On My List Stencil. The tiny circles, squares and hearts from the stencil were used to create slots where you can then color in using a blender pen.

If you are not a Club Canvo subscriber, don't worry, you can still buy the Habit Tracker Stamp Set on our shop! Links can be found at the bottom of this post.

Each of our monthly Club Canvo products include a stamp that is perfect for tracking habits. Stamp the words for the type of habit you are tracking, then each successful day, color in a section!

January's stamp set has a darling fox with a scarf with 7 sections to color in. February's set has a 7 tiered cake. We can't wait to share March's set with you!

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