What is the Canvo? Everything You Need to Know to Get On the Bujo Train

Catherine Canvo Bullet Journaling, CP Designs

Let's face it. Our world is a full of noise. Most of us have hectic schedules and are being constantly bombarded with information and endless lists of things to do. In this digital age we have more access than ever and many of us are just plain overwhelmed.

For years, I have tried the latest and greatest planner systems trying to better organize my life, but none of them quite fit my needs and wants to a “T”.

Then I was introduced to the Bullet Journal Method and I wondered what rock I was living under! Bullet Journaling is SO ME!!!

This system, created by Ryder Carroll, starts with a blank bulleted notebook that the user can then organize and customize for their life. In this ever increasingly demanding age, Ryder calls it “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system”.

It's a known fact the act of writing and drawing helps us not only better retain what we are doing, but also helps to quiet our minds, reduce stress and reflect on our day. Integrating this practice into our lives can improve our mental health as well as get us more organized.

Integrating Bullet Journaling with Stamping

As a stamper, the idea of planning and organizing in a decorated and personalized way was right up my ally! I wanted to combine my love for stamping with my desire to feel more on top of my long list of to-dos, appointments and schedules.

Enter the Canvo Bullet Journal. Plan, Record, Organize…Beautifully!

Canvo is a system that you can build just for YOU! Whether you sit and do your monthly layouts in advance or work one page at a time, there is always room to put in whatever you need.

Need to take a page to plan out your kid's birthday? How about weekly menus and shopping lists? Need a few pages to track your budget? How about setting and tracking weekly health goals?

The Canvo Bullet Journal product line was designed to check all of those boxes and make your bullet journaling journey both easy and fun!

How do I get started with bullet journaling?

Since this system is completely of your own design, you can start any time! My first bullet journal began in the month of July.

If you are looking for pointers on the basics, don't worry! I've got you covered with a series of beginners videos.

Just hop over to my YouTube Channel and check out the Canvo playlist!

What tools do I need?

I wanted to have a fun theme each month for stampers and bullet journals like me, so I put together Club Canvo– a monthly subscription service that takes the guesswork out and allows you to build a great library of layout stencils, header stamps, tracker tools and other must haves for easy bullet journaling.

With the Club Canvo line of stamps and stencils, you will create beautiful spreads, so there is no need to be fantastic at drawing or spend time trying to think up themes or ideas.

Club Canvo ships to you a month ahead so you have plenty of time to create your spreads and stay organized all year round.

We had so much fun putting each Club Canvo shipment together last year that we have upped our game for 2020!

Beginning with our December shipment, each Club Canvo month will include:

  • a 6 x 9 stencil for easy weekly layouts
  • a monthly themed 4×6 stamp set featuring a weekly tracker and lots of helpful headers, bullets, and other page elements
  • a bonus 3×4 stamp set with 3 hand-lettered words for each month

***December will also include a free 4 x 6 stamp set that you'll need for all your planning next year!

Subscribe by November 30 to lock in the current pricing of $21.95 per month (price goes up on December 1). December's shipment is valued at $49.80.

Click here to subscribe now!

If you have yet to get on the bullet journal train, why not get a jump on a more peaceful and organized 2020 and join today!

Take time to be more mindful…create a creative space to decompress and manage your list of things to accomplish. Plan, Organize, Record…Beautifully with Canvo- I think you are going to love it!

Ready to join Club Canvo and get monthly inspiration delivered straight to your mailbox? Be sure to subscribe before November 30 to be grandfathered into the lower pricing and get your free gift in November!

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