Brand Ambassadors for CPD!


It is with much excitement that we announce the group of Creatives that will make up the next term of Brand Ambassadors for Catherine Pooler Designs!  This team will be supporting our brand in a variety of ways and we are lucky to have each of them. We have had a wonderful tribe of super talented folks and are excited to be adding a couple of new stars to the bunch!

Please join me in sending a BIG Hip Hip Hooray for:
Ashlee McGregor, Chrissie Tobas, Daniel West, Erica A-B, Ilina Crouse, Jen Carter, Karen Baker, Lisa Harrolle, Kristie Goulet, Laurel Beard, Nanette Tracy, Natasha Valkovskaya, Sarah Greber, and Susan Powell!!!

With the new season of greatness from these folks, we sadly are saying goodbye (for now) to a few of our team: Ardyth Percy-Robb, Jenny Colaccico and Tracie Pond. Don't worry though, we hope to have these fab ladies guesting and popping in at various times. We won't let them go far, talented bunch that they are!

We are also seeing a change for someone that is very near and dear to my heart.

Ingrid Blackburn has taken on a larger role with her family's travel agency and is stepping down from the team. Ingrid has been a close, long time friend of mine, so don't worry! I plan to pull her back in from time to time! She has been such a huge cheerleader and has been by my side for so long, her support means the world today and I am a better person because of her friendship.

Thanks to all these amazing women for being a part of what we do! We love you all!

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