Why Does bullet journaling/Canvoing work?

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I've been bullet journaling for a year now and I've been thinking, in this day and age of all the digital ways to keep track of your life, why do people continue to keep journals and notebooks and paper calendars?

Person using the Canvo Bullet Journal

One…because it can look like THIS!

Canvo Bullet Journal weekly spread

The process of writing things down also frees up space in your brain so you can think more clearly and concentrate better.  

You can be more present in the moment because you're not constantly worrying that you're forgetting something or thinking about what is on your to-do list…and, oh!  by the way!  Where IS that to-do list, anyways?  

Oh, yeah…it's right in my bullet journal!

Canvo Bullet Journal

Writing engages visual, kinesthetic and tactical senses which helps you remember better as well as sends signals to your brain what is important which makes you more likely to follow through.

Canvo Bullet journal monthly spread

Bullet journaling is also a life record.  It's a place to record memories, journal about what is important to you and reflect on activities.  It also helps you create a vision for the future.

And when you bullet journal with the Canvo method, you're also giving yourself a creative outlet. What's better than that?

Canvo Bullet journal November spread

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