8 Stamping Techniques on 7 Cards with Club Sursee

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In this video, we'll make SEVEN cards and use EIGHT different techniques! All with the stamps and dies in the June Club Sursee Subscription!

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Let's take a look at each of these techniques and some tips from the video…

COLORING WITH BLENDER PENS – I love me a Blender Pen, y'all! Just dap the tip of the Blender Pen onto your ink pad (or the lid of your ink pad) to pick up color, then color in your image! When you are done with the color you are using, scribble the pen off on scratch paper until the pen runs clear. Then you're ready to go into the next color.

You may want to have several pens on hand with one tip for yellows, one for greens, one for blues, etc…I like to have MANY Blender Pens on hand in case I lose or misplace one (or 12), but I like to use one tip for many colors. If you're careful not to heavily saturate the tip of your pen, you'll be fine to do this.

ADDING A SHADOW – you may want to add a shadow to an image on a card. Twilight Ink is a great color for this. I suggest scribbling a bit on scratch paper first to make sure the shade is light enough. You can always add more ink, but you can't remove it.

MAKING COLORED CARDSTOCK – using the Direct to Paper Technique, gently swipe your ink pad across your cardstock creating gorgeous, perfectly matching cardstock for your stamped images!

CREATING COLORED NUVO DROPS – when adding Nuvo Drops directly on top of an image stamped with Dye-based ink pads will result in custom colored Nuvo Drops! The wet Nuvo Drops “activates” or wets the ink and causes it to bleed into the Nuvo Drop as it dries. It's a really cool look!

INK BLENDING AND MASKING – use a piece of Purple Tape across your white cardstock to create a mask. Ink blend as shown in the video with Life Changing Blender Brushes or Ink Blending Tools to create a gorgeous shaded background. Then randomly stamp your images and remove the Purple Tape.

Purple Tape is low-tack, but still take care to not tear your cardstock. What is left behind is a really cool masked section that remained white!

ADDING GOLD SHIMMER – add water to the Starry Colors Gansai Tambi Watercolors and move it around with a paint brush to create a shimmery paint. If it's not watery enough, spritz the paintbrush with a bit of extra water. Tap the paint brush on your hand to create shimmery flecks and splatters across your card.

USING GLITTER – use the 2 Way Glue Pen to “draw” a line of glue wherever you'd like the glitter. Sprinkle on Glass Slipper Glitter, which is a gorgeous clear sparkle, then tap off. The result is gorgeous!

MASKING – The flowers and the leaves behind the flowers are two different stamps! To make one image appear to be behind another, simply stamp the image you want in the front on a piece of computer paper or a post it note. Trim around it creating a mask and place it on top of the stamped image. Stamp the image you'd like to appear to be behind the first image and stamp. Remove the mask and finish your card!

SHADING WITH INKS ON SOLID STAMPS – ink your stamp with a light color, then tap part of the stamp on a darker shade of the same (or similar) color. You may want to tap your stamp on the light ink pad a second time (trying to mostly ink where the light color is) to blend the lines a bit more. Then stamp! The result is a fun, shaded look that was really easy to achieve!

Thank you for visiting with me today, I hope you are inspired! If you're ready to get stamping with these stamps and dies, registration for June closes on June 15 at 11:59 eastern. So jump in now!

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