Introducing Rouge and Lemongrass!

Catherine CP Designs, CPD Ink

We have four new Spa Ink Colors coming to the shop on May 8!

Our Spa Ink Collection is made up of muted, sophisticated tones and were made to coordinate perfectly together. No more guessing on which colors go together! This is called, Color Made Easy, my friends!

Of course, we go in rainbow order. So first up…Rouge.

It's the perfect red to add to our collection and works great with Rose Petals and Peppermint Scrub.

Slightly darker and more muted than it's cousin, Rockin' Red from the Party Collection, your selection of reds just got pipin' hot!

The second in our new Urban Oasis Spa Collection, Lemongrass is a gorgeous spa yellow. It fits in wonderfully with Shea Butter, Sauna and Green Tea and is muted chartreuse perfection.

In the video I'll also show how CP inks eliminates issue of ink transfer. If you've ever inked your stamp in a dark color or red, cleaned it, but the ink still comes off with a lighter shade and you just can't get a true color…you'll love our inks because that doesn't happen! YAY!

I couldn't believe it when I first got my hands on these inks…

What color do you think is next? See ya tomorrow with the next reveal!

Inky hugs, CP

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