Second Generation Stamping on a Simple Card

CatherineCP Designs, CPD Ink, Encouragement, Second Generation Stamping

Just a few supplies are needed for this simple card and with Second Generation Stamping, you get more bang for your buck with 4 ink colors!

Second generation stamping is when you stamp your stamp several times on your project before inking again. You will get different shade of the same color giving your more options with the inks you have. And of course, I used CP inks and they are super dreamy with this technique!

Another great thing about CP ink is that is really easy to clean off your stamps. I usually just use a damp paper towel.

Sometimes when you ink your stamp in a dark color, clean your stamp, then ink and stamp in a light color, you'll get ink transfer. This is when the new wet ink color pulls the residue from a previously used color and muddies your image. CP ink doesn't have issues with this which is makes me super happy when stamping!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and you are inspired to use this technique when stamping your next card!

If you are new to CP Inks, please visit our INK PAGE to learn all about what makes them special.

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