Geometric Flakes Cover Plate, Embossing and Cut & Stick Paper

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I went a bit crazy with my Geometric Flakes Cover Plate, Cut & Stick Adhesive Sheets and WOW Embossing Glitter, y'all!  Check it out!

The Geometric Cover Plate is more than meets the eye…so many ways to create a stunning background.  When you use our new Cut & Stick Adhesive Sheets with die cuts and Cover Plates, the die cuts get turned into stickers!  Not only are they easy to use, but it's also easy to use both the positive and the negative parts of the dies!  See how these cards were made in this video tutorial.

I'd love to know which color palette is your favorite…the metallic, green, blue or purple?

And which finished card is your favorite?  I'm not sure I can choose!

Using Cut & Stick Adhesive Sheets is a really easy way to make any die cut into a sticker.  This makes your cardstock really thick, though, so it may not cut all the way through the adhesive sheet.  This is normal!

You may want to run it through your die cut machine several times and perhaps even use a shim to make the pressure greater (I use a piece of copy paper).

The Perissa Embossing Powder has fine embossing powder as well as chunkier powder and gives a gorgeous metallic marbled look.  The recipient of this card is going to be WOW'd!  

A simple sentiment die or strip across the front is simple and all you need when making a gorgeous technique piece like this!

A bit of extra glitter on the Joy Wreath adds a bit more sparkle.

Thank you for visiting today!  I hope you are inspired and learned something today.  Now, go get inky!


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