February Month at a Glance Canvo Bullet Journal Spread

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It's almost time to ship out the February Club Canvo, y'all!  Sign up by December 31 to get yours shipped out by January 5.  You'll have plenty of time to get your February spreads set up!  If you need some inspiration or need a bit of a confidence boost…view this video (spoiler:  I messed up this spread in a big way THREE times!)


For March, please remind me of these things:

  • Stamp the Month header first on the right side of the page
  • Begin the calendar on the left…since we read left to right, I think this will help my poor brain leave spaces where they need to be.
  • use paper “masks” to cover places where I don't want boxes drawn.

Hopefully you can use these tips for your February Month at a Glance spread and be successful!

New to Bullet Journaling?  Learn more here!

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Thanks for visiting, hope your day is awesome and organized!

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