Masking Technique on a Fun Tracker for the Canvo Bullet Journal

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Like all the mothers out there, I spend so much time working, taking care of the kids and the house that sometimes I forgot to make sure I'm having fun!  Now that I have this awesome Canvo Bullet Journal, I can track it! At the end of the month I can look back and remember the fun I had and make sure my life is balanced.

A Fun Tracker can be a simple bulleted list, or you can add stamping techniques for some creative fun!


The Masking Technique is a great way to layer stamped images behind each other.  Stamp the image you want to be in “front”.  Then use a scratch piece of paper – this is your mask-, sometimes I stamp and cut out the image, to layer over the image you just stamped.

Stamp the image you'd like to be “behind” the first image, remove the mask and it looks like the second image is behind the first one!

Sometimes there is a gap between the images, to avoid this, put your mask ever so slightly inside the image you are stamping on top of.

You can also try stamping again (this doesn't always look great because it's difficult to stamp your image in the exact spot as the first time) or use a Blender Pen to fill in with color.

Hope you are inspired and if you are new to the Canvo Bullet Journal, learn more here and here:

Thanks for visiting…now go have some fun and record it!


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