Ink Blending: November Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Catherine Canvo Bullet Journaling, CP Designs

Hello my friends! I love a weekly bullet journal spread.  I use it for appointments and mainly, my to-do lists!  Everything is in one place and I don't have to go hunting around for lists, scrap pieces of paper and notes.  That's the beauty of a bullet journal!

The Canvo Bullet Journal is also a place to get creative with stamping supplies.  Here I did a simple ink blending technique with Blender Pens and created an eye catching spread that makes me happy to write, reference and check off my to-do lists!


Just for a quick reference, the horizontal lines were about every 13 dots and the vertical lines were 14 dots over, 4 dots over and 14 more dots over. You can put to-dos on one side, appointments and schedules on the other.  Or work on one side, home on the other. Or maybe you'll think of another way to use it!  Another beautiful thing about bullet journaling…YOU get to decide!

Here are a few more weekly bullet journal spreads to get your creative juices flowing.

End of October through the beginning of November…moving from Halloween to Fall.

The next few spreads were made with the fabulous stamps in our Canvo Collection.  The days of the week are from The Daily Plan.

The corners, banners and clipboards are from Put a Pin in It.

The month stamps are from Months and Doodads.

You can learn more about the Canvo Bullet Journal and our products here.

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Thanks for visiting, happy beautifying, my friend!


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