How to Make a Monthly Spread in Your Canvo Bullet Journal

CatherineCanvo Bullet Journaling, CPD Ink

In my Canvo Bullet Journal, a monthly spread is a must for me.  It's great to have a month at a glance at your fingertips with important dates, appointments, holidays and birthdays.

I like to choose a seasonal theme to decorate with and the Leaf Motifs stamp set was perfect for November!  

The light grey dots in the Canvo Bullet Journal make it easy to draw the horizontal and vertical lines to make the boxes.  Each box is 8 dots x 8 dots.  (layout pictured is stamped slightly differently than the one in the video and you can see a small boo boo at the bottom in the middle!  I'll share tips on how to avoid that in the video).

Draw your boxes, add the numbers, stamp your decorations and write in your important dates!

I usually like to carry the theme through the weekly spreads as well for a cohesive look and to make the most of my stamp set!

We have some fabulous products coming out each month in 2019 that will help you create and decorate your monthly and weekly spreads.  

One of the ways we are bringing great new products to you is through Club Canvo!

With Club Canvo, you will receive a limited-edition custom stamp set as well as a stencil or accessory to get you started on each brand new month. Each Club Canvo is designed to take the guess work out of your monthly themes. Each product is carefully curated by ME to inspire your creativity all month long.

January's Club Canvo includes a January themed stamp set with snowflakes, fireworks (to celebrate the New Year – save them for using on your July 4th spread later this year!), bullets, corners and other great stamps to create your month and weekly spreads.  The guesswork is taken out of it for you!

You'll also receive our fabulous Calendar and Boxes 6 x 9 stencil which will be invaluable for creating calendars and all sorts of elements on your spreads!

Click here to learn more about Club Canvo and start your subscription right away!

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