How to Get Started with Canvo Bullet Journaling

Catherine Canvo Bullet Journaling, CPD Ink

A bullet journal is a planner, a to-do list, a journal, a note-taking system and an artistic vehicle, all-in-one and I think it's pretty awesome!  Pretty much a dream come true and I can not even believe no one told me about this craze until recently.   

As soon as I started bullet journaling, as in the minute I started…my wheels began turning around a system to make it better, easier and more fun and the Canvo was born!

So how do you get started Canvoing?

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools.  You can keep this super duper simple with a plain notebook and a pencil or ball point pen and maybe a ruler.  

But to make it more fun, creative and gorgeous to look at, check out our entire line of Canvo products.  From the Canvo itself (with thick, smooth pages that won't bleed with many mediums) to inks, stamp sets and more, you'll find some pretty fabulous products in our shop to get organized and make your life beautiful!

Step 2:  Let go of perfection.  Your Canvo is for YOU!  Give yourself permission to make mistakes, play and enjoy the creative process.  It may take you a while to get into a rhythm and figure out how YOU want to use your Canvo!  This is a blank book for a reason.  Everyone uses it differently, so stretch yourself, try different things and see what works for you.

Step 3: Use a pencil and practice pages.  I'll let you in on a little secret.  I went through three journals before I felt like I started having a feel for how I wanted to use my Canvo Bullet Journal.  Revisit step #1, dive in with a pencil and a practice page, then go straight to your book!  Experiment, create, have fun and get organized! 

Step 4: Create an index.  The first page of your Canvo is a perfect place for the index.  Catalogue what is found on various pages for ease of locating later.

Step 5: Create a Future Log. This can be set up in various ways as a simple running list, or set up a section for each month and add to it as you go along.  What you choose to do when you start Canvoing may change and that's ok!  Just pick a way to begin and if you don't like it, change it next time!

Step 6:  Create spreads (or logs)…I like to call them spreads.  I have spreads for each month and each week at minimum.  I also like to have things like recurring weekly schedules, budgets, lists and upcoming travel arrangement information in the back of my Canvo.

Step 7: Create Collections.  These are lists of anything you want to keep track of.  I keep lists of  movies I want to watch, places I want to go, habits I want to track and all sorts of other things!  The possibilities are endless, my friend.  You can track and keep track of anything and everything that is important to YOU!

Keyword here:  YOU.  

Most other systems are structured for you already, the Canvo Bullet Journal is made by YOU for YOU.

I like that.  A lot.

Obviously, cause I created a whole product line to go with it. 

Step 8: Create a page for future Canvo spreads/changes/ideas.  The way you use the Canvo will change and grow over time.  The way you use it today will not be the same way you use it next year!  And that is the beauty of it!

Here is a YouTube Live I did showing the Canvo Collection, sharing some tips, ideas and how to use stamps and CP Mini Ink Pads.


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