Intro to Canvo: Bullet Journal Flip Through, Index and Future Log

Catherine Canvo Bullet Journaling

The day I learned about bullet journaling will be a day that I'll always remember. I sat in the office with Erika and Susan and they filled me in on their “dirty little secret”.  They showed me Pinterest Boards full of gorgeous, creative spreads that were functional and organized and told me this was called “Bullet Journaling”.  I was mesmerized and wondered what rock I had been living under.

My paper-loving, marker-loving, book-loving self said, “GET IN THE CAR RIGHT THIS SECOND, LADIES!  Cause I need to DO THIS!!!”

We hopped in the car and headed out in search of a journal for bulleting.  Because I'm a crafter, I had the rest of the necessary supplies…markers, pens, rulers, stamps and ink.

I got my journal home and got busy making monthly and daily spreads, task lists and documenting family and work activities.  I used stamps and stencils and Catherine Pooler Ink to beautify my bullet journal (are you suprised?).  

I immediately saw a problem. 

My stamped images and markers were bleeding through the pages and ruining the spreads on the other side!!!!

I might consider myself a problem-solver…so I set out to create the perfect bullet journal and the Canvo was born!

The Canvo bullet journal has been designed to solve problems we faced as well as the problems we heard about from bullet journaling enthusiasts:

  • Less ghosting – our thick, smooth journal pages can handle many mediums without bleeding, and love our ink…stamp away! (*water-based ink and markers are best!)
  • Spiral binding means your Canvo lays flat and can be turned back for ease of creating and planning.
  • Pre-numbered pages makes indexing easy and helps you stay organized
  • Wide pages give you more room to get creative with your spreads and add enough content for your busy schedule


Work, kids, activities, family gatherings, to-do lists, shopping lists, schedules, meeting notes….seriously!  Where does all this go and how do you organize it so you can find it later when it matters?  

If you're like me, you have a calendar on your phone as well as a paper one.  I've been through tons of different types of paper planners and most have only a handful of pages used.  They end up being too structured and have no good place to put all the things that I want to keep track of!   and when I say I, I mean ME…because YOU want to keep track of different things in a different way.

I end up with lists and notes and post-it notes all over creation with no rhyme or reason and I can never track them down when I need them.

That's where the bullet journal comes in.  Blank, bulleted pages waiting for you to fill in as needed, in the way you need…right now.

Don't let the blank pages intimidate you, because I'm going to give you a ton of ideas on how to organize….and you choose what works for you!  Now THAT'S what I call personalization, my friend!


I noticed that bullet journalers run the gamut from ultra-artsy to full-on functional and most of those in-between-ers yearn to be more creative and artistic in their bullet journals.

So after making the perfect bullet journal, the Canvo, we set out to create a line of products that will help you make your Canvo and your life beautiful!

Canvo comes from the words “canvas” and “journal”.   A Canvo is a blank canvas for you to journal, plan and create.  It’s a place to stay organized, track goals, and let your creative spirit free.  

You can customize and decorate the pages of your Canvo with our special line of stamps and stencils using the vibrant colors of CPD ink and make your story come alive!  


Index – the Canvo has numbered pages so you can set up your index and keep track of where your month spreads are, your lists, your collections, etc.  It makes finding things super easy!

Monthly spreads – this is a view of the entire month at a time.  It's nice to set it up before the end of the last month so you can jot down appointments and other things that you need to keep your eye on.  This is one place I also like to get creative with a theme for each month and a color palette!

Weekly spreads – I like to create mine a month at a time.  Friends of mine do it day by day because some days you don't have anything to write down and other days you have a whole page of To-Dos (don'tcha know those days??).  How you organize this is totally up to you.  That's the beauty of the Canvo Bullet Journal.

What do I need to get started?

Our Canvo Starter Kit bundle includes a little of everything you need to get started (and comes in a fantastically cute box, people!!!!!):  

  • Canvo bullet journal (your choice of two cover designs)
  • CP Ink Minis: Foundations Collection 
  • CP Ink Mini: Midnight and Icing on the Cake
  • Three Canvo Essentials Stamps Sets:  The Daily Plan, Put a Pin In It, Months and Doodads

You may also want to add these products to make your Canvoing experience even better!

  • Clear Blocks for your stamps
  • Micron Pens
  • CP Mini Inks: Life of the Party Collection
  • Icing on the Cake Mini
  • Practice Pages


So now you need to see it in action, so I've been working on some videos!  Click here for the YouTube Playlist if you want to see them all.

The first one is a flip through of my first bullet journal, my second journal and a look at the new products.

The next video is how I'm starting a new bullet journal (that blank book can be intimidating!) with an index and a Future Log.  

I use a super cool stencil in the video that lots of you have been asking about.  We'll let you know soon how to get that stencil, but no worries, you can create a Future Log without the calendar, create a simple one, add numbers down the column, or leave it blank until you get yours!


There are tons of ways to set up your spreads, different things to track and ways to track it and there is no right or wrong way to do it!  This is all for YOU…for your personal organization, enjoyment, as well as an artistic outlet.  You can be creative as much or as little as you'd like and it's perfectly ok to practice first!

I will be sharing what I do in my Canvo,  and the team will be sharing theirs. I hope you will share with us as well!  

Please tag me on social media and use #canvobulletjournal so we can all see what you are up to and how you are using your Canvo bullet journal!  Also, I'd LOVE it if you followed the new Instagram account!  Click here to visit Canvo Bullet Journaling on Instagram.

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