Faithful Flutterings Stamps and Dies with Stenciling Video Tutorial

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New-Products_MayWe have a few items that popped into the shop today!  In the video, you'll see all three, but here is the low-down.

Faithful Flutterings Dies – by popular demand!  This stamp set released into the shop and immediately you all were asking, pleading and demanding (well, maybe we won't go that far!) for dies to cut these amazing butterflies out.

Your wish is our demand.

Purple Tape – first off…it's purple.  Second, it's great for stenciling, masking and die cutting because it doesn't rip your paper (most of the time!)

Amodex – ok, I know we all love inky fingers and Inky Fingers Syndrome has swept the nation…but perhaps you have to go to prom, or some other sort of fancy party, you just played in the craft room and your blue and green fingers don't go too well with your red dress?

Or you're a Court Reporter (which one of our customers IS!) and you just need clean hands!

In comes Amodex.

Get as inky as your little heart desires, pour on some Amodex and BOOM!  Clean hands.

All of these products are now available in our shop!

Faithful Flutterings 12I've inked up the Faithful Flutterings a ton and now that we have DIES I'll be using this set a lot more!

Check out the video tutorial to see the whole process.

The GeoTrio Stencil has three great stencil patterns.  Simply mask off the pattern you are not using with Purple Tape and stencil away!  Use ink or creative mediums to get a dimensional, gorgeous look on your hand made cards.

I love this look with the chevron stripe with ink and every other stripe, Whipped Spackle with Glass Slipper Glitter over it.

Faithful Flutterings 11When using the Faithful Flutterings Stamp Set, ink the solid stamp with your lightest ink color.

Use your darkest ink color on the least solid butterfly.

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial!  Click the links below to view these products in the shop!

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