KISS Cards with Circle Frames

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KISS Cards Circle Frames 5KISS Cards with Circle Frames

It's time for more KISS Cards -Keep It Simple Stamper! If you're not familiar with KISS Cards,  I'll explain more in the video!  This time I'll be using a circle frame as the base.

I told myself I was going to make four cards and they would all be the same…you can see already how that turned out!

***P.S.  This video got cut off at the end, I'm working on it now…not sure what happened!

The Dotted Circle Die has little dots just inside the cutting blade for a fun accent.  If you want the dots to be more pronounced, add a shim (it can be as simple as a piece of computer paper!). That will give a bit more pressure to the “sandwich” as it runs through the Big Shot and the circles will be embossed a bit deeper into your cardstock.

KISS Cards Circle Frames 4The circle frame is a great starting point for all sorts of layering and stenciling and stamping…or just keep it simple with a sentiment and a die cut accent!

We don't have colored cardstock to coordinate with our ink pads (sorry about that, y'all!), but you can get colored cardstock easily by using the direct-to-paper technique.

Simply drag your ink pad across the cardstock and BAM!  You've got colored cardstock!


WARNING:  CP Ink pads are foam and they will tear if you are too rough with them. So gentle dragging, please!  Also if you are going to do direct-to-paper, make sure you have the ink refills on hand.  Foam pads transfer ink very easily (that's why the stamp so beautifully!), so when you run your pad across the cardstock, your pad will transfer a good amount of ink and you may need to freshen it up a bit.

If you are new to our inks, click here to learn more about them and what makes them amazing!

KISS Cards Circle Frames 3Leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite and which products are in your stash that you will use with this layout!

KISS Cards Circle Frames 2

Here's a close up of that fabulous butterfly.  You can see in the middle of the butterfly body, there's a bit of pink.  That was from the adhesive.  CP Ink is water based, so when it comes in contact with something wet, it reacts.  When it came into contact with the butterfly that was colored with Flirty Fuchsia ink, the ink ran and colored the glue.  I think it looks pretty cool, but one thing I would do different next time is spread the glue so that it covered the entire inside of the body.

KISS Cards Circle Frames

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