Holiday Thank You Cards using the Holiday Mittens Stamps and Dies

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thank-you-mittens-1MITTENS!  Who doesn't love adorning Holiday and Winter themed hand made cards with MITTENS! I've been looking forward to releasing this stamp set since the spring…yup, when flowers were blooming and birds were chirping, Angelica and I were working on MITTENS and SNOWFLAKES!

I've made a few projects with these gems, but wow….there's so much more stamping I have to do with them, so stay tuned.

Mittens are awesome for holiday cards, but goodness!  Are they perfect for Thank You cards after the Holidays, or what?

In the video, I'll share our new Holiday Wrap-Up Bundle and give you tips and best practices with using our Midnight Ink Pad (Archival, PERMANENT ink) with the mittens so you can avoid having a black stamp that you can't see through  (EEECK!!!).

Love taps.

Ink to stamp.

Pinky promise?

thank-you-mittens-3A couple options for you with the same stamps, dies and layout.  Which is your favorite?

thank-you-mittens-2Here's a peek at our Holiday Wrap-Up Bundle…it includes everything you need for:

  • last minute Holiday Cards
  • gift tags
  • gift items and packaging
  • the INSIDE of your card and
  • thank you notes after the holiday

catherine-pooler-designs-holiday-wrap-up-bundleIn case you missed it, we have a gift guide for you as well!

By popular demand, the Friendship Bracelets from Rwanda are in the store for individual purchase. We are still including these in the Foundations Boxes and now you can pick up a few extra for teachers, moms, sisters, besties.

If you missed the story about our Friendship Bracelets, you can view the video here.

The profits from the sales of the individual bracelets will be used to purchase MORE bracelets which in turn continues to provide a dignified job for this amazing artisan group of women!



Our original supply was sold out in 15 hours and since then, we've continued to take orders with the disclaimer that it would be up to 6 weeks before we shipped.

It was looking like we were going to be able to ship tomorrow, but there were some hiccups during Santa's sleigh ride and we're still waiting for one item.  (You should have seen me when I learned this today – good thing my face didn't freeze like that!)

So it looks like shipments won't go out until late next week.  I've got calls in to the elves and I'm trying to pull every string I can to speed this up.

The good news is that our shipment date is still looking like way less than the 6 weeks we originally anticipated!  We will keep you posted.

Thank you for being here today and sharing this journey…you make it worthwhile!


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