A Hiccup

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Hello my friends!  I hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day weekend.  Everyone in the Pooler household has been hit by a nasty cold bug…(everyone but Mister, that is).  Thursday was one of those days for me where you don't move far from your bed, watch movies and surround yourself with hot tea, soup and tissues.  I've turned the corner, but I'm still hoarse and sniffly.

Then today was supposed to be a snow make up day and guess what!?  We have another snow day.  Seriously.  hahaha!

And that is why I don't have a video for you today.  I'm sorry!  Please forgive me.

If you are looking for inspiration, scroll to the top of my website and hit “Project Gallery”.  You'll see lots of projects there under a few different categories.

I'm hoping to get a video up for you on Thursday, but it may be Monday.  Thank you for understanding!

I did get another video up for the Technique Toolbox:  creative stenciling class at StampNation today.  Here is a peek.  Can you get what medium I used?

alcohol inks peek

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