StampNation Member Highlight: Sharon Jones

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This month we are highlighting Sharon Jones.  Just like her StampNation username, Sharon sprinkles “Sunshine” around our community.


1.  Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for a living or when you aren’t getting inky?  I am a SAHM of two lovely children.  April lives in Colorado with her husband and a sweet little 2 year old son, Ayden. Daniel is my adopted son who’s 16 and lives with me and challenges me every day…LOL! I love the Lord and my family tremendously!

2.  How long have you been stamping? Do you have a story about how you started?  I have always loved art and making things with my hands since I was 4 years old. My very first drawing was a desert scene with a running horse, cacti, rocks, clouds, jackrabbit, and a snake curled up in the shadow of a rock. My parents were astonished when I showed them my “horsey” picture…LOL. My later years I got into oil painting and eventually went to a Stampin’ Up! Party and got hooked about 6 years ago. I became a Demonstrator for a few years, but card making and paper crafting became my obsession.

3.  What is your stamping style?  I think my favorite stamping style came into fruition recently when I started watercolouring on my cards.  I love working with paints! Here is one of my favourites…

4.  How long have you been a SN member and what is your favorite thing about the community?  I have been a SN member almost 4 years now. I absolutely love the new friends I have made and everyone is so friendly, helpful and inspiring…much better than any place I have ever been. That’s exactly why I stay at StampNation! Love my Sistahs and Brothas!

5.  How do you get inspired when your mojo is lacking?  I simply get on my computer and come to StampNation or check out Pinterest for inspiration. I am also very inspired by Nature.

Thank you Sharon for sharing a little about yourself with us today.

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