December in review

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December 2015December has been a quiet month, but a busy and crazy one all at the same time.  Huh!??  That sounds like a weird thing to say…

It started with a trip to the beach.  Actually, it was still November.  Friends of ours have a beach house, so we took off the day after Thanksgiving and spent 3 days completely unplugged.  It was absolutely stunning weather and the kiddos got IN the water.  IN!  We had a bonfire on the beach, played tons of games, crafted and just relaxed.  It was amazing!

One night the adults went to dinner and the kids stayed at home.  The top right picture is what I came home to.  My 3 darlin's and the dogs in bed together watching a movie on the iPad.  My heart grew two sizes that day.  Oh, wait…this is the Pooler December story, not How the Grinch Stole Christmas, lol.

Seriously, though, isn't that a sight that makes every mom happy?

Our month has been quiet in a way because Alana has been taking some time off from dance.  She's having a lot of pain in her feet, so she's been resting.  So that means Momma isn't spending as much time carpooling.  Anna got her license in October, so that's cut down on my carpool time, too.

Speaking of hurting tootsies, Eva took a spill in her dance class on Monday and landed in the ER.  The Xrays show that a nice little chunk of bone broke off.  Luckily it didn't start wandering and is exactly where it should be, so she went home in a half cast and orders to make an appt. with an orthopaedic doctor the next day.  With the trip to the ortho, we were able to ditch the cast and get a boot which made one little girl very happy.  It's much easier to get around and she can take it off to ice it.

We got back on Wednesday for another Xray to make sure that little bone hasn't moved anywhere and by then she should be able to go crutch-free.

As if that wasn't enough time for me in dr. offices, I made one more trip.  Something extremely important….my yearly mammogram.

It's even more important now since my dear friend, Michele (CAS-ual Fridays Stamps owner and creative) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August.  Some of you have asked me how she's doing and I'm THRILLED to report that she is kicking cancer's A$$!  Read more on her most recent blog post and learn how you can help breast cancer awareness and research.

Lastly, I haven't stamped WITH people much over the past few years and this month I've been changing that!  Seems like there is a sweet 14 year old girl name Lily (daughter of one of my besties) that watches my videos and wanted to come over and craft.  Of course I could NOT resist that and we spent an afternoon making Christmas cards together.

We had so much fun that Eva invited a few friends over and we'll be stamping with them as well this weekend!  I thought it would be perfectly appropriate to make thank you cards so these girlies are all set for after Christmas…you know, when they need to say THANK YOU for the gifts!  😉

I hope your December has been awesome!  Don't forget to come back here tomorrow at 6 pm. Voting starts and I can't wait to see which cards are your favorites!  Click here to check it out.


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