This pup is OURS! *long post for dog lovers*

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kenlyKenly's birthday was yesterday!  He turned 7.

When he was a puppy, a trainer told us to get another dog when he turns 7.  At 7, dogs start getting “older” and bringing a new puppy into the house keeps them young and sprite.  Then when the new puppy is around 7, the first puppy will be 14 and you know what happens then….and it will be time to get another puppy.

We thought that was a really interesting concept and have thought about getting another dog when Kenly is 7 ever since.  Randall and I have had a dog ever since we met (Randall came with a dog, lol) and when Anna was tiny, we had two dogs for a while.  We are definitely dog people.

We've fostered several dogs over the past two years, the last one being a couple weeks ago (Cricket).  Earlier this summer the girls were begging for a new dog and I told them I was NOT interested at this point.

When we had Cricket, the puppy bug hit me hard!

Sunday night, we were roasting marshmallows around the fire pit and for kicks, I pulled up the Saving Grace website.  I knew there was a lab mix litter coming… and what did I see?  A whole BUNCH OF black and black and white lab mix puppies!

I showed the girls and said to Randall, “Can we fill out an adoption form???” …he hesitated, then said, “I guess”.  lol

The girls and I sprang up and ran in the other room to fill it out.  The funny thing is that Anna was already asleep and didn't know what we were doing.  She got up early and went to school and never knew about the puppies.  She was on the bus going home when she texted a screenshot of my Instagram post and in capital letters said:  “WHAT IS THIS?  TO KEEP OR FOSTER?”.

I waited until she got home to tell her and we jumped around the kitchen for about five minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 8.34.44 AMWe got an appointment to see the puppies – all THIRTEEN of them! – yesterday at 3.  In the meantime, we realized that yesterday was Kenly's 7th birthday.  How weird is that?

We did some researching on puppy temperment and how to “test” the puppy to see if it's what you are looking for.  We were looking for a neutral/active puppy.

One of the puppies kept lunging at our faces.  She was out.

Two of the puppies never came out of the dog house.  They were out.  (TOTALLY CUTE, but not right for our family).

So that narrowed it down to 10.  WHAT?  How do you pick!!???

A few of the puppies came over and said hi to us, but then weren't interested after that.  They went to lie down or wander around.  A couple of them were really cute and cuddly and awesome, but when you cradled them in your arms, they were a bit “stiff” and clingy, if that makes sense.  Some of them had short legs.  Not that we have anything against short legs!  But we wanted a dog that had a more lab-like body.

Out of all those pups, there were two that really stood out from the rest.

Eli and Bryant.  They were cute, interested, loving the girls, loving Kenly, tolerant no matter how we held them and there were three times I looked at a pup like this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.00.13 PMand said, “OH EM GEEEE!  Who is THIS???  You are so CUTE!”.

It was Eli every time.

It was a unanimous Pooler 5 decision.  Eli comes home tomorrow.

Now…what to name him?  Any suggestions?



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