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tag you're it

From time to time, I see people ask “What is different about StampNation?  Can't I just get videos on Youtube for free?”

The answer to the second question is yes.  Of course.

The answer to the first question…well, it would take me half a book to answer that.

StampNation is not just about the videos – though you will find more than 500 of them that are exclusive to the site on everything from teaching Clean and Simple DESIGN to Copic Markers to gosh…all sorts of things!

Our long time members (and we have many that have been with us since the very beginning- 1/11/11) say what is different about StampNation is the MEMBERSHIP.

One thing that is great about the members (again, I could write a book on this) is their creativity.  Right now, Allison is hosting a game called “Tag, You're It!”.

Allison chose a card to case, the first one to say “I'm it” gets to CASE the card.  When she posts her card, it's up for grabs for the next person to call “It”.

We just started two days ago and LOOK at all the cards already!  Amazing, right?

Members, make sure you are logged in, then CLICK HERE to view the Tag It thread!

Not a member yet?  Click here to learn more about why StampNation is so awesome!

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