Intro to the MISTI Stamping Tool

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Intro to the MISTI Stamping Tool

Have you heard all the buzz about the MISTI Stamping Tool?  I love the name…it's like your best friend, but it stands for Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented.

Pretty cool, eh?

You might just have to see it for yourself to be convinced that this is a super cool tool…so view my video as I break it out and use it for the first time!

Intro to the MISTI Stamping Tool!

The thing that cracks me up the most about the MISTI is that you can see my reflection in it.  I better make sure I look presentable when filming with it and not make ugly faces!  haha!

You will be seeing more projects and ways to use this amazing tool.

Leave a comment here and let me know, do you have the MISTI?  I have been in the card making industry for more than a decade, and I've never heard buzz about anything quite like this.

Kudos to Iliana for dreaming up and making this possible because she's made a lot of stampers pretty darned happy!

Intro to the MISTI Stamping Tool


Click here to visit My Sweet Petunia where you can order the MISTI and all the supplies to go with it.


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