School is closed in Raleigh, NC!

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Snow Week!

As I look out my craft room window, the snow is coming down in huge, beautiful flakes for the second time in one week!  Since I live in Raleigh, NC this is a bit on the unusual side.

I'm no stranger to the snow, though, since I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and went to college at SUNY Oswego where the lake effect snow was ridiculous.

Snow like this was nothing!  But a little bit of snow in the south really throws a wrench in things.

It all started last Monday afternoon.  The kids got released early from school so they could get home and situated before the snow and ice hit.

Tuesday was a day at home…even Randall!  By Wednesday, the snow had stopped and the main roads were cleaned up, so most people went to work.  I took Anna to swim practice and the same giant, beautiful snowflakes started and I just knew school would be cancelled again!

That night, they didn't cancel school for Thursday until almost 9:45 pm.  That's the girls stalking the school's twitter account in the photo above…totally cracked me up!

Can you believe that after Wednesday afternoon we didn't have anymore snow or ice, yet school was cancelled on Friday as well?

Hold your hats for a second…you might find this extremely unusual…but my youngest daughter, Eva, goes to a year round school (in school for 9 weeks, out for 3…all year long).  There are kids in the school all year other than Christmas and 4th of July week.

So when school is cancelled, there are no days built in to make them up.  Can you guess when their make-up days are?

Yep!  They go for a half day then.

School was scheduled for this past Sat., but again it was cancelled.  We didn't have snow from Weds. afternoon until it started all over again on Tuesday morning.

If you live in the north, you may find this CRAZY!

Check out that photo in the lower right…that's across the street from me on Saturday afternoon.  THREE DAYS after the last snow event!

The big problems we have here is we get ICE, we have almost no snow removal equipement and no snow tires.  We pretty much have to wait around until the snow and ice melts.

So that's the story of the snow WEEK of 2015.  I'm waiting to see if it turns into snow TWO WEEKS, because more is supposed to come on Thursday.

No worries, in the 10 day forecast, I see 60 degree weather.

But for today, we bundle up, drink hot tea and stay inside!

You northerners…have you picked yourself up off the floor yet from laughing at us yet???  hahahaa!

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